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Table 2 Bacterial strains used for laboratory studies of growth on sialic acid and GM1 as sole carbon source

From: Sialic acid utilization by Cronobacter sakazakii

Organism Strain Sequence typea Source
C. sakazakii 1b ST8 Throat
C. sakazakii 5 ST8 Blood
C. sakazakii 658 ST1 Non-infant formula
C. sakazakii 680 ST8 Cerebral spinal fluid
C. sakazakii 696 ST12 Faeces
C. sakazakii 701 ST4 Peritoneal fluid
C. sakazakii 1220 ST4 Cerebral spinal fluid
C. sakazakii 1221 ST4 Cerebral spinal fluid
C. sakazakii 1225 ST4 Blood
C. sakazakii 1231 ST4 Faeces
C. sakazakii 1587 ST4 Cerebral spinal fluid
C. malonaticus 507 ST11 Faeces
C. malonaticus 681c ST7 Breast abscess
C. universalis 581 ST54 Water
C. turicensis 564 ST5 Blood
C. turicensis 1211d ST19 Blood
C. muytjensii 530 ST49 Powdered infant formula
C. dublinensis 582 ST36 Unknown
C. condimenti 1330e ST40 Spiced sausages
Ed. tarda 1926 - Unknown
Cit. freundii 1927 - Unknown
Cit. koseri 48 - Clinical
  1. a. Sequence type as according to the Cronobacter genus multilocus sequence typing scheme database;
  2. b.C. sakazakii species type strain (ATCC 29544T).
  3. c.C. malonaticus species type strain (LMG 23826T).
  4. d.C. turicensis species type strain (LMG 28327T).
  5. e.C. condimenti species type strain.