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Figure 3

From: An efficient rRNA removal method for RNA sequencing in GC-rich bacteria

Figure 3

Robustness of mRNA relative abundance. Double-log scatter plots of RPKM values reporting the Pearson correlation coefficient showing the bias introduced by the two rRNA removal methods separately and in combination in mRNA relative abundance evaluation. On the X-axis of Figures 3A, 3B and 3C the log10 of RPKM values on the 573 transcripts above Dth in control samples (totRNAs)is reported, on the X-axis of Figure 3D and 3E the log10 of RPKM values for the 2368 .transcripts above Dth in Mex treated samples is reported; on the Y-axis of all the figures the log10 of RPKM values for the same transcripts subgroups in the samples treated with MICROBExpress (A) Ovation (B) combined treatment (C) respectively are reported.

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