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Figure 2

From: Bioinformatic identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins likely to target host cell mitochondria: virulence factors?

Figure 2

M. tuberculosis p27 and PE_PGRS33 target J774 cell mitochondria. J774 macrophages exposed for 2 h to 1 μg/ml of p27, MT_1866, PE_PGRS1, PE_PGRS33, or α–crystallin His–tagged recombinant proteins were labelled with Mito Tracker red CMX ROS (mitochondria, red), FITC–labelled anti His antibody (recombinant protein, green), and DAPI (nuclei, blue), and then analyzed by confocal microscopy, in order to assess targeting of recombinant proteins to host cell mitochondria. Results are representative of multiple microscope fields form three independent experiments.

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