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Table 1 List of reference type species

From: Bacterial phylogenetic tree construction based on genomic translation stop signals

GenBank sequence Type Species; ID
S000004313 Escherichia coli (T); ATCC 11775T
S000139289 Escherichia fergusonii (T); ATCC 35469
S000414306 Neisseria flavescens (T); L06168
S000003950 Neisseria gonorrhoeae (T); NCTC 83785
S000414651 Rickettsia akari (T); MK (Kaplan)
S000414655 Rickettsia bellii (T); 369L42-1
S000500280 Rickettsia conorii (T); Malish 7
S000436058 Rickettsia prowazekii (T); M21789
S000414667 Rickettsia rickettsii (T); L36217
S000437122 Rickettsia typhi (T); Wilmington;
S000006115 Salmonella enterica (T); ATCC 13314T
S000926440 Salmonella enterica (T); DSM 14848
S000926444 Salmonella enterica (T); DSM 9221
S000000258 Shigella dysenteriae (T); X96966
S000013935 Shigella flexneri (T); X96963
S000392501 Yersinia enterocolitica (T); ATCC 9610
S000392506 Yersinia pestis (T); NCTC 5923
S000392498 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis (T); ATCC 29833
S000413795 Orientia tsutsugamushi Karp; D38623
  1. The 16SrRNA sequences of 18 type species from Ribosomal Database Project were used for the construction of reference phylogenetic tree in Figure 2.