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Figure 4

From: Linear normalised hash function for clustering gene sequences and identifying reference sequences from multiple sequence alignments

Figure 4

The linear mapping clustering for the 109 EV71 VP1 sequences shown on the first and second PCA coordinates. Eleven clusters corresponding to the genogroups/subgenogroups are presented. The legend indicates EV71 VP1 genogroups/subgenogroups, years of isolation for sequences viruses or their deposition to GenBank, and country of origin. Relevant cluster centroids are highlighted in red. Isolate AF 119795 (&), belonging to C/B genogroups, is a result of intergenotypic recombination [41]. Abbreviations: AUS, Australia; CHN, the Chinese mainland; JAP, Japan; MAL, Malaysia; NOR, Norway; SK, South Korea; SA, South Africa; SIN, Singapore; TW, Taiwan; UK, United Kingdom; USA, United States of America.

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