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Figure 1

From: Predicted Relative Metabolomic Turnover (PRMT): determining metabolic turnover from a coastal marine metagenomic dataset

Figure 1

Example of generating an EMM from metagenomic data. This figure is an example of generating a simple EMM with hypothetical data. Letters a-f represent unique enzyme functions identified in the annotation of a hypothetical set of metagenomes. In (A), the set of all enzyme reactions for enzyme functions a-f between compounds C1-C5 from a database of possible reactions is listed. In (B), a metabolome is constructed from the reactions identified in A. (C) Shows the connectivity matrix of the network in B. (D) Is the complete EMM for metagenomic annotated enzyme functions a-f, normalizing values in C such that the sum of all inputs to a compound is 1 and the sum of all outputs from a compound is -1.

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