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Figure 4

From: Base-By-Base version 2: single nucleotide-level analysis of whole viral genome alignments

Figure 4

Mapping of RNA sequencing data to VACV-WR genome in BBB-v2. (a) Upper panel shows genome sequence and 3-frame translation. BBB-v2 displays position of gene WR-103 (VLTF-4); gene name is displayed by mouse-over. Lower panel plots the MochiView data (RNA sequence counts) at each nucleotide position. The scale of the plot can be changed using the slider at the left or typing a value into the Divisorbox; in this plot, 1 pixel in height represents a count of 5 sequences. The actual count value and nucleotide position is displayed by mouse-overabove the plot. (b) The Visual Overviewallows the user to get a birds-eye view of the RNA sequence counts over the complete genome. The vertical scale can be changed with the slider on the left and the Sequence Zoomslider allows the user to magnify the horizontal scale approximately 60 fold. The vertical green lines (updated live) encompass the region of the sequence that is currently displayed in the primary BBB-v2 window.

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