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Figure 1

From: Prediction of a novel RNA binding domain in crocodilepox Zimbabwe Gene 157

Figure 1

Multiple alignment of CRV-ZWE-157, RISC-loading complex subunit TRBP2 [PDB:3ADL] [29], DGCR8 [PDB:1X47] [45], and Staufen RNA binding homolog [PDB:1UHZ] [46]. Upper panel: Only the predicted dsRNA-binding region of CRV-ZWE-157 and the known dsRNA-binding regions of the other proteins are shown. Asterisks show amino acids crucial for dsRNA binding, dots indicate other perfectly conserved residues. Lower panel: Red bars represent α helices and green arrows represent β strands; these are aligned with the amino acid sequences above. The ksdssp algorithm was used to determine the secondary structures from the 3D structures or models.

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